A Guide To Hypnotherapy



I have decided to add this page to my site in the hope it gives others an alternative method.


What Is Hypnotherapy?

It is easier to state what it isn’t rather than what it is. Trance is not sleep, unconsciousness, magic nor mind control (You won’t be doing a chicken dance ha).

Most of the mystery surrounding hypnosis is this lack of clear definition. Generally experienced as restful and relaxing. It is different to slumber.

 In trance you are aware of your surroundings, hearing Sounds, smelling smells, being aware of movements and in control of your actions.

Consciousness is NOT lost, it becomes more selective.

In trance it is usual to be more aware of internal processes than in the outside world’s activities and distractions. Contemporary scientific studies show trance is as natural and normal state of mind and like other states such as alertness or pleasure, has many different and individual components.


Use Of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is often thought to be therapy that only effects the mind, but as mind and body are inseparably joined, hypnosis can also help physical ailments. The popular assumption that hypnosis is only used for weight reduction and stopping smoking is very much mistaken, there are many more possibilities such as:

1.   Anxiety and panic attacks.

2.   Confidence building,

3.   Anger management

4.   Depression

There are of course many more….


Is Hypnosis Safe?

YES- It is safe, natural and part of the human experience. Always protected by our subconscious, trance is part of every day life.

We are already proficient in it’s use we simply don’t recognise it.


Who Can Be Hypnotised?

Just about anyone can be hypnotised if they choose.


What is it like to be Hypnotised.

In experiencing altered states it should be acknowledged that trance is a different experience for everyone.


Can I be forced into a trance?

NO- It is a state of mind that needs your cooperation. No one goes against their own unique code of behavior in hypnosis.


Am I too strong willed to be hypnotised?

No- Strength of will plays no part.


Do hypnotised persons lose control of themselves?

No – The client is in control of their trance and is been guided by their therapist.


Will I be unconscious when in hypnosis?

No loss of consciousness is involved, you are aware of your surroundings, sounds and movements. Some people may achieve a deeper level of trance than others, however, the results remain the same. Physical contact is not needed in any part of the process.


Should I use hypnosis as a alternative to seeing my doctor?

NO- Hypnotherapy is not an alternative to seeking professional medical advice. Hypnosis is a complementary therapy and should, where needed be used in partnership with conventional medicine. Your G.P. training in diagnosis cannot be replaced by the hypnotist. Check out all health problems first with your doctor. If in any doubt then you can combine physicians and Hypnotherapists heeling methods.



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