The Journeyman: My personal story. My Donor Tribute: Personal tribute to my donor Samantha Eve Dawkins. My Photo Album:  Photo's taken after my transplant 1987-Present.
The Fame Game: Newspaper articles reporting on Samantha and myself after undergoing transplant. My Biography: All about me, including common interests.


Positive Inspiration:  

Feeling low? Then this page is for you, designed to lift one's spirits with positive poetry, useful web links and art works




My Songs: Click the links below to listen some of Andrew Wilson songs. Andy's Buddy System: Read successful transplant stories from around the world... feel free to add your story ! History of the Heart Transplant: Read about the world's first successful heart transplant,
The Domino Transplant Explained. The Benefits of Organ Donation : An insight into organ donation, benefits including facts and donor stories.
The Heart and It's function: Brief description of the heart and how it works.
The Electro Cardio Graph (E.C.G.) A look at the procedure and what's involved. The Echo Cardio Gram (Echo): A look at the procedure and what's involved. The Angiogram: What's involved, a step by step guide through the procedure.
Dracula Calling: Blood tests after the transplant. The Heart Biopsy: Step by step guide to the procedure and how it's done. Blood Pressure Explained.
My Medications Guide: Looking at some of the transplant medication including what there for and possible side effects... (Personal account only) Eat a Hearty Diet: A personal account pointing out why it is important to eat healthy after a transplant. Exercise Benefits: An insight into exercise after the transplant and why it's important.
Transplant Rejection: What is rejection? Questions answered. Transplant Tips: Helpful guide lines to life after transplant including how best to avoid infections, learning about your medication. This Is Harefield: Looking at the world famous hospital, including history.
Medical Jokes:  A few light hearted medical jokes worldwide. Mind Games A look at my written work including poetry and short stories. A Guide To Hypnotherapy: What is Hypnotherapy? An insight look at the procedure to which I have benefited from.
The Heart Transplant procedure: An in-depth look at the heart transplant procedure before, receiving the call, the operation and life afterwards. Problems and Issues page:  An insight look at some of the problems and issues such as panic attacks - useful tips and reports The Heart Mate: The Heart mate device an in-depth look at it's function.
The Piggyback Transplant: Sophie Pakes story,,, My Family: A page for my family members. Life in a northern town: This is Newton le Willows.
Games Section: Can you unravel the words to reveal famous film stars, musicians, medical related issues and sporting teams?