Blood Tests. 

Blood tests are necessary to transplant patients, as the doctors are able to monitor the drugs which each individual transplant recipient many take.




My blood tests are:


1.    Anti rejection test: The doctors are able to monitor the Cyclosporin within my blood.



2.    Liver and Kidney functions: These tests are carried out to check what effect the ani-rejection drugs are having on my kidneys.


  3.  As I take medications that can effect other areas of my body such as Amiodarone It is sometimes required that I take a thiroid blood test.


There are also a number of other blood tests which some recipients may require (Don't worry your doctors will decide which blood tests you will require....


              Blood Tests…


1.    Sodium – (Iron electrolyte) and is important in the condition of nerves and cells.


2.    Potassium  – important for the function of nerves, the kidneys control the levels in the body. (Liver and Kidney test). Medications such as diuretics can lower the levels in the body whereas Ace inhibitors used for hypertension may raise the levels.


3.    Glucose- Taken to measure the sugar levels within the blood and is usually tested by fasting (No food for 12 hours)


4.    Carotene – Is a waste product of protein metabolism and is tested liver and Kidney blood test.


5. Calcium – Is important for the function of the heart.  




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