The Electro Cardio Graph.




The Electro Cardio Graph (E.C.G.)


The Electro Cardio Graph (E.C.G.) is a method of obtaining the structure of the heart using ultra sound.

E.C.G.íS are done to diagnose abnormalities of the heart wall, blood flow in the valves and the rhythm of the heart.


How is it done and is it painful?


An E.C.G. is harmless to the patient and causes no pain whatsoever.

 You are required to lay down on the bed for about a minute while you have small stickers applied to your wrists, ankles and chest. Electrodes are then attached and the Transducer (E.C.G.) machine, takes a reading of your heart rhythm. The electrodes and small stickers are then removed and thatís the job done.


And Finally


Once the test is done the E.C.G. technician then measures the electrical impulses (Voltages) and in transplant patients it can detect conditions such as Rejection and rhythm disorders such as Heart Block.

Below you will see photo's of the E.C.G Machine and an E.C.G read out....





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