Exercise Benefits



A Happy Heart is a Healthy Heart!!

It is important in all cases especially those who have been transplanted to keep their hearts beating strong and fighting fit.

This page will indicate the benefits of regular exercise.


Getting Started


So you want to improve your fitness levels? Most people find the hardest thing is getting started. It is important when you start fitness programmes not to do to much to soon as this can cause injury.

You are advised to start off with simple things such as:

1. If you take the bus to your local shops, try walking.

2. If you use an elevator when you're out, instead take the stairs.

If you are interested in things such as sporting and gym activities it is best to follow a basic guide line.


1. Always warm up before you begin any physical activity.

Warming up is most important, start with light stretching for around 5 minutes, if you use your local gym, try a brisk warm up on the treadmill. You are more at risk of injury if you don't warm up...

2. Depending on each individuals prefferance, a basic work out should be around 25-30 minutes, either in the gym or playing sports such as Football, tennis, golf, swimming.

3. Cooling Down - This is as important as warming up, again take around 5 minutes loosening the muscles by light stretches and walking, thus preventing injury.

Once you get yourself into a regular routine, you will begin to feel the benefits of exercise and can alter your fitness program at your pace.


Exercise, what are the benefits?

Exercise has a whole effect on the body:

1. Exercise can stimulate the mind and release daily stress.

2. Improve blood flow to the bodies vital organs such as the heart and lungs.

3. Help control blood pressure.

4. Improve strength and stamina

5. Controls weight 

6. Increases the good cholesterol in the body.

7. Better self image...




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