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Welcome to the games section, this page is simply filled with brain teasers ect.

 Jumble Rumble

See if you can unravel the jumbled letters to reveal famous people, musicians, actors, sporting teams….Good Luck

Famous Movie Stars


1.    Young American Actor?

Y-L-E-H-A/  OLJE/  T-M-N-E-S-O-E  



 2.    The Famous Wizard? 

E-A-N-L-I-D/   D-L-F-F-A-C-R-A-I-E-




3.    Knighted English Actor?


H-I-A-M-C-E-L-/  I-A-C-E-N  



4.    Western Legend?  


 O-H-J-N/  Y-E-N-A-W  



Muscians and Bands

1.   Rock N Roll Legend?  


 E-T-T-L-L-I/    A-R-D-H-I-R-C-D 

2.   1980’S Pop Duo ?  


H-T-E/    U-E-R-Y-S-C-M-T-H-I  



3.    Canadian Pop star?

N-R-B-Y-A-/   D-A-M-A-S  


4.   British Dance Act?


H-T-E- -     R-P-D-G-Y-I-O


Medical Related.


1, World Famous Hospital




2.Transplant Procedure?





3.Anti Rejection Medication?  




4. World Famous Surgeon?  


R-O-S-E-S-F-R-O-P       R-I-S     I-A-D-G-M 



World Of Sports.

1. Famous English Rugby League Team?


G-A-I-W-N-     A-W-R-R-I-O-R-S



2.NFL American Football Team?


A-A-L-L-D-S    O-B-C-W-O-S-Y


3. English Premiership Football Club?


R-E-T-E-S-H-N-C-A-M     N-I-T-D-E-U


4.NHL Hockey Team?


H-I-L-P-D-A-L-E-H-A-I-P     L-E-R-Y-S-F




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Brain Tease Trivia 

Welcome to Brain Tease Trivia - can you answer the questions correctly without scrolling to find the answers...good luck?


At The Movies


Q1. In the Sixth Sense what was the name of the character played by Haley Joel Osment?

A. Trevor McKinney

B. Cole Sear

C. Walter Cartwright


Q2. Kiefer Sutherland played a vampire in which film?

A. Blade

B. Buffy the vampire Slayer

C. The Lost Boys.


Q3. Who directed the 1986 Stephen King Novel addaption Stand By Me?

A. Ron Howard

B. Steven Speilberg

C. Rob Riner.


Q4. In Finding Nemo who was Marlon's forgetful friend?

A. Dory

B. Bruce

C. Scar.


Q5. In Toy Story Tom Hanks did the voice of which character?

A. Buzz Lightyear

B. Woody

C. Mr Potato Head.



Q1. Definitely Maybe was the Rock Band Oasis's debut album, but in what year was it released?

A. 1995

B. 1993

C. 1994


Q2. Michael Stipe is a member of which American rock band.

A. Green Day

B. R.E.M.

C. Bon Jovi 


Q3. Which Rock n Roll Legend sang the song Long Tall Sally?

A. Jerry Lee Lewis

B. Elvis Presley

C. Little Richard


Q4. Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox are members of which British pop group?

A. The Eurythmics

B. Fleetwood Mac

C. Bannanarama.


Q5. Robbie Williams was apart of which British boyband?

A. Westlife

B. Bros

C. Take That.


World Of Sports


Q1. Which British Ex football player has played in both Manchester and Merseyside Derbies for each team?

A. Robbie Fowler

B. Steve McMahon

C. Peter Beardsley


Q2. Which American football team were victorious in the 2005 Super Bowl?

A. Washington Red Skins

B. Miami Dolphins

C. New England Patriots


Q3. In world boxing who ended Mike Tyson's undefeated record?

A. Lennox Lewis

B. James Buster Douglas

C. Oliver McCall.


Q4. In the Rugby Union world Cup Final in which England were victorious over Australia, who scored England's first try?

A. Matt Dawson

B. Sean Long

C. Jason Robinson.


Q5. Which Nationallty is NHL Superstar Eric Lindros?

A. American

B. Swedish

C. Canadian.


Medical Related


Q1. Who performed the world's first Heart Transplant?

A. Magdi Yacoub

B. Dr Beverley Crusher

C. Christian Barnard


Q2. Jonah Lomu New Zeland rugby star underwent which transplant?

A. Heart

B. Kidney

C. Liver


Q3. Cyclosporin is known as what type of drug?

A. Anti-depressant

B. Imunesupressant

C. Cortlcosteriod.


Q4. Harefield Hospital is based in which county?

A. Merseyside

B. Essex

C. Middlesex


Q5. Which fruit is known to transplants as the forbidden fruit?

A. Oranges 

B. Pineapples

C. Grapefruits.




At the Movies.

Q1 = Cole Sear.

Q2 = The Lost Boys

Q3 = Rob Rinner

Q4 = Dory

Q5 = Woody



Q1= 1994

Q2= R.E.M.

Q3= Little Richard

Q4= The Eurythmics

Q5= Take That.


World Of Sport

Q1 = Peter Beardsley

Q2 = New England Patriots

Q3 = James Buster Douglas

Q4. = Jason Robinson

Q5 = Canadian.


Medical Related

Q1 = Dr Christian Bernard

Q2 = Kidney

Q3 = Immunesupresant

Q4 = Middlesex

Q5 = Grapefruits


Well Done - all 20




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