Transplants United


  My Biography.              



Name… Andrew Wilson

  Date of Birth: August 23rd 1978


Resides: Newton Le Willows

North West of England.


Interests: Singer/songwriter, Novelist –

(Writing poems, short stories) Keyboard

Player, (1950’s America, Rock n Roll American Cars.  


 Movies: Horror/action/sc fi, Fantasy...

favorite movies

                1. Stand By Me (1986)

                    2. Amityville horror 1 and 2

                    3. Starwars franchise

                     4. Harry Potter....

                     5. Shawshank Redemption

                     6. Sixth Sense.... and many more.



Favorite actors:

1. Tom Hanks 

2. Bruce Willis

3. Julie Walters

4. Kathy Bates

5. Haley Joel Osment... ect...     



Music: Elton John, Michael Jackson,

                     Buddy Holly, R.E.M., Coldplay

                     Oasis, John Lennon, John



Author: Stephen King, James Herbert.  

              Sports: Football (U.S. soccer)

    Liverpool F.C., Watford F.C.

    Rugby League: Wigan Warriors

    (NRL Australia) Brisbane Broncos.

                WWE Wrestling.



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