Heterotopic Heart Transplant

(Piggy back Transplant)

The new heart is inserted into the right side of the chest and attached in parallel to the patient's own heart which is left in position. This procedure may be used if the donor heart is small, or patient's lung pressure is slightly high in this situation the donor heart acts as a support for the native heart.

Sophie's story - two hearts are better than one

Twelve-year-old Sophie Parke was born with a heart problem and, at the age of just three, she underwent a piggy-back heart transplant. A new heart was attached to her existing one as a backup. While her health improved dramatically, her own heart's condition deteriorated and had to be removed six years later. A second heart transplant was fitted to the first one.

Sophie is now promoting the Boots campaign to encourage more people to become donors.

Sophie had her transplant at Harefield heart Hospital, by Sir Professor Magdi Yacoub, Sophie was asked to be the Harefield Hospital mascot and presented a 100,000 signatures to the prime minister asking the government not to close Harefield Hospital.


  Information Sauce thanks to Bob Pitcock (Texas USA)



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