The Echocardiogram




What Is an Echocardiogram Test?

The Echocardiograph, or in simpler terms the Echo, is a simple test which monitors the chambers, valves and blood flow of the heart.


What’s Involved – does it hurt?


The echo is a test similar to that used on pregnant women when mentoring the unborn child. The echo procedure is completely harmless and causes no pain to the patient; In fact I always find them most interesting to see my heart pumping away on screen. The test should take around 10/15 minutes and below is a guide to the procedure.


1.    You are taken to a small cubical and asked to strip to the waste.


2.    You then lie upon the provided bed – towards the left hand side with your arm supporting your head.



3.    The technician will then place a cold jelly like substance upon your chest and then probes up against you allowing a picture of the heart to be displayed on the monitor. They can then see how the heart is working.


4.    The Machine then takes readings of your heart, once done the procedure is finished…


 Usually patients are required to lie on the right hand side though with myself the doctors at Harefield get a better reading of my heart when lying to the left, so this is not just an opportunity for me to pose for the camera.


Below are pictures of the Echocardiogram machine and a picture of my heart happily beating away







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